Today I'm Juniper

Anna - 18 - Auckland. Here's a little collection of my photographs.
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Hey sweetheart, you got this. Auckland needs your impeccable talent and I KNOW you are going to stick university through. Wellington is okay, but there is time to drown in these dull cliche waters in few years time. Stay gold. xo


I need a pocket version of you pls, i’ll take you everywhere x

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I would have some photographs for you, but this one time, I spilled coffee all over my laptop, and the SD reader has either drowned or gone on strike.

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What camera + lenses do you use? Thank you (I love your work btw <3 )


Thanks amigo! I use a Canon 60D with either a 50mm 1.8, or just the standard 18 - 55mm. If I’m shooting film, it’ll be either a mju ii, or a Minolta 7000.

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It was three weeks or so before I realised I never actually saw what Britomart looked like.